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Nocturnal Visit (Gay)

This story involves two males that end up having intercourse, that makes this a gay story. Don’t like gay stories? Please feel free to continue your search for stories that suit your desires. Now onto this made up story, no names, places, or activities ever happened in real life. Tales such as this live rent free in my head.

Nocturnal Visit

I woke to the sound of Jay as he crept across the bedroom he was sharing with me. I heard him and wondered what he was doing awake at 2:00 AM which was displayed on my digital alarm clock. He had tripped over a chair making a noise that should have awakened my parents that slept in a bedroom below us.

I heard his breathing, he was near and the noise of the chair did not seem to bother him. Jay was a friend of mine that was sleeping over after my birthday party. It was late when we went to bed and he was sleeping in a bed across the room from me.

Since it was a special day for me I had changed into the prettiest pink panty from my hidden collection before getting into bed. I had pulled my t-shirt up leaving my tummy and panty covered cock open so I could play with my little prick through the nylon. Sometimes I would pretend I was a girl and push my cock between my legs and pull my panties up tight. I liked looking smooth in the front and even though I was hard now I pretended I was a girl in nylon panties. I dozed off with my fingers enjoying the silky nylon around my waist and the crotch seam making a line across my balls.

He moved again, this time I heard him kick a tissue box but it made a muffled thump as it hit my bedpost. I had no idea why he was fumbling around so I laid silent in my bed. Then I felt it, he must have bumped against my bed, I was going to say something but decided maybe he was walking in his sleep, everyone said if you wake a sleep walker they would have a heart attack and die.

I felt his hand on my bare knee, I had kicked the blanket off and his warm hand felt soft as velvet. Now I was frightened. I had this burning desire to wear women’s panties and tonight I was wearing a silky brief that covered me from my crotch to above my naval. If he ran his hand higher he would feel my nylon covered pecker. Wearing panties was my secret and I was frightened beyond description.

His hand moved, slowly, inch by inch with each breath he took. Then he stopped just below the elastic that hugged my legs. I was hard, throbbing hard, and the slick nylon was caressing my tip with each breath I took. I waited unable to move, I didn’t want him to have a heart attack, but I wanted to protect myself from being outed as a cross dresser.

His breathing became ragged and although his hand didn’t move on my leg it was moving and I realized his other hand was moving. I could barely see in the green glow of my digital alarm clock, he was jerking off with his left hand while his right hand was on my leg. Could he see me in the same light? Did my shiny nylon panties reflect the light? His body was in a shadow but I could tell he was naked.

Then his hand moved, not his left hand that continued jerking his cock. His right hand slid up and over my hard cock. He stopped when his fingers touched the tip of my cock. I knew there was a wet spot from the precum I released as I had been swishing my cock inside of my panties earlier.

His left hand kept moving and then he began feeling me up. His hand was all over the panty as he explored my secret in the dark room. His left hand never stopped jerking on his cock as he ran his hand to the top of the panty and felt bare belly. He hooked his finger on the elastic of my panty and pulled gently. I was shocked and moved my leg a little. He stopped tugging on my panty and then moved gently back to my cock.

I tried to breath in a way that would make him think I was asleep but it was difficult. His fingers kept feeling the outline of my hard little cock in my panties and it felt so good. I started to imagine what his cock looked like. Was it small like mine? Or was it huge like in the porn videos? Was he cut like me or did was he sliding his foreskin back and forth? I am not sure why my brain was asking such questions. It made me feel gay, but I was sure I wasn’t.

I felt Jay put a knee on my bed, then he removed his hand from my cock and I felt his hand near my arm. I held my breath, “what the fuck is he doing?” I thought. Then there was movement and he moved his left hand beside my other arm and the got between my legs. His bare legs were hairy and course feeling against my baby soft bare legs.

I felt something brush across my balls and then beside my hard cock. It was hard and very big. OMG it was his cock lying against mine on my nylon panty. His balls rested on mine and they seemed huge compared to mine, I could feel the weight of them against me. He stopped moving and I could feel him breathing heavily.

Then he began to move, his cock pushed up and down along the side of mine. The only thing that separated us was the thin almost sheer nylon. With each thrust I felt the nylon move against my tip, it felt glorious and I knew he must have felt the same thing against his cock tip.

I wanted him to stop yet I wanted more. I was alarmed and frightened yet very excited and my arousal was now more than my little cock in my pink panties. It was about someone else knowing they were panties and someone else touching me in a very private place. I wanted to feel his cock against mine, no nylon between us. I wanted his skin to touch mine.

He began thrusting up and down along side my cock. He was so hard and his cock must have been a foot long. Both of his hands were beside my arms but not touching me as he humped my panty. He had this rhythm of movement that was in a way soothing yet I felt aroused and anticipated that this was something special. When did he decide to do this? Did he here me playing with my cock?

I suddenly could not stand it any longer. I had no reason to wish for this before it started. But now that it was happening I wanted his penis to touch mine. I had no thought of it being gay at this moment. All I knew was that I wanted the feel of his bare penis against mine. I carefully grabbed the waist band of my panties and began to slide it down. I moved a fraction of an inch at a time his thrust ended and pulled back. I could feel the slick nylon caress the tip of my cock.

I thought I would cum with that feeling of silky nylon on my cock. I can’t tell you the number of times I have cum simply pulling on the nylon and letting the panty fuck me. Yes I really do think that my panty is fucking my little cock. I moved the waist band elastic so slowly and finally the tip of my little cock peeked out of the pretty pink panty I was wearing. The elastic dragged across the underside of my tip and made me feel like I was going to cum.

The air felt cool on my tip and then Jay thrust and I felt his helmet touch mine. He was so hot and yet the skin of his tip was so smooth and soft. He stopped when our cocks touched. I heard him breathing; he was almost out of breath. I wondered what he was thinking. It didn’t matter what he was thinking I wanted him to move, to fuck my cock with his.

Jay began moving again and I continued pulling my panty down. With each thrust his tip would touch mine and then retreat back to the nylon panty that was now bunched up over my balls. He had to be feeling the silky nylon and the stimulus for that alone would make me cum.

Then my panty was below my smooth balls stretched across my legs leaving me entirely bare. And now I felt his bare balls. They were hairy and felt huge. I loved the feel of his balls rolling around on mine and his thrusts became more intense. I was trying to control my impulses but I knew I was going to cum. I lay still and barely breathed and then there was this cramp deep inside of me.

I held my breath and tried to think of anything but my cock and Jays touching in such a personal way. I imagined I was gay, somehow I thought that would stop my orgasm. It only made me come quicker. I felt my body stiffen and my cock spurted my pearly white cum out of the tip just as his cock tip met mine. The hot cum covered his tip as he stopped moving.

I knew he felt it, my cock spurted three more times, the second spurt was always my strongest but it didn’t squirt up on my belly. I realized he had pushed his cock hard against my squirting tip. He had to feel the jerking of my cock, the tip pulsing with each squirt of my cum. Jay grunted out loud and when my cock stopped squirting he moved his cock back and pressed against my balls. He was so slimy from my sperm that it felt fantastic. Then he shot his load into my crotch below my balls. I thought he would never stop shooting. I felt the gooey sperm run down the crack of my ass hoped the cotton crotch of my panties would hold most of it, but what if we stained my sheets?

When his cock stopped jerking I felt him move and press his cock down the crack of my ass. It was so hot and my ass was soaked with his cum and the tip slipped down and I could feel him push against my ass hole. “He wouldn’t do that,” I screamed in my mind, “that would be gay sex, I am not gay.” Yet it felt remarkable, his long hard cock pressed against my virgin ass hole. He pulled back and I felt his gooey cum move with his cock and make a squishy noise.

He grunted quietly and I felt him shiver and then he pushed again and this time if felt my ass hole stretch out letting his tip start inside of me. For some strange reason I wanted him inside of me, I had watched this on a porn video and thought it looked so dirty. But now he was on top of me and feeling his hard cock penetrate me made my little cock begin to throb again.

He pushed harder but he couldn’t seem able to make it go inside of me. I moved my legs apart very slowly. Did he know I was awake? Was he asleep and dreaming I was a girl? I inched my legs apart and up slightly while he kept the pressure on my ass hole. And then I felt him pop inside of my ass. It hurt so bad, I took a deep breath and the pain seemed to fade a little.

He did not move a muscle, just held that huge cock inside of me. It felt so hot and then he pushed again and I felt it go in further. I wanted this, I wanted him to fuck me but I was frightened if he knew I was awake he would think I was gay. Yet he was the one in my bed, naked, and touching me. Then he pulled back a little and I felt that huge tip of his pulling against the ring of my ass hole that held him in.

I thought he was done, I was wrong. He pushed again and as he did I raised my knees higher and I felt him go deep inside of me. His pubic hair touched my hairless balls. His heavy balls touched my ass and made a slight slapping sound. I felt so full of his huge cock and I heard him whisper, “Are you awake?”

I wanted to yell, “yes I am awake and keep fucking me,” but I lay there quiet as if still asleep. When I said nothing he started pulling out again, but not as far as before and then he started thrusting into me like when he was rubbing his cock against mine. He moved quicker this time, the slimy cum around my ass hole felt cool and I wondered if we were making a big mess in my panties.

My little cock seemed on fire, each time he pushed all the way in I could feel him bump at what I imagined was my cock inside of me, I was so hard and my tip felt like I was going to pee, I clamped down those muscles to stop anything from coming out. He was moving quicker now, the pain in my ass was gone and I wondered if he would cum again. I usually couldn’t cum twice in a row but now that feeling was building again. Only faster this time.

He moved his hands higher and I felt him push hard against my ass. His balls were banging against my ass and mine were squished between us. Then I held my breath, my little cock spurted again, hard this time It almost hurt when my cum erupted from my cock and I felt my ass contract around that big hard cock inside of me. Then I felt him shove hard into me and he moaned and his cock jerked. He was cumming in my ass.

My ass was so full of his cock and now his hot cum seemed to bubble out of me around his hard shaft. He was holding his cock deep inside of me as he gasped for air. Then he was done and it seemed like his cock got softer. He started to pull out and I wanted him in me, I loved feeling his hard cock inside of me. As he pulled out I could feel his cum coming with him, I was soaked as were my panties.

His cock made a squelching squishy sound as it popped out of my ass. He moved his left hand and I felt it between us. My little cock was covered in cum and his fingers rubbed my tip making it all slimy and it felt wonderful. The he grabbed his cock and rubbed our tips together for a moment. It wasn’t the same, neither of us were hard, I just wanted him to go away.

Jay rolled back on his knees, mine were still up with my entire crotch soaked in cum. It felt cool in the air with no warm body to warm me. Then he stepped off my bed and was gone back to his across the room. I lay in the dark, I looked at the clock, just 30 minutes had passed, yet it felt like an hour. I wanted him on top of me again, I wanted to feel his massive cock against mine. I pulled my pretty panties up to my naval. They were soaked in our cum. If the light had been on I knew I’d see my cock trough the fabric that was nearly transparent when wet. I touched the wet panty and imagined I was a girl, “he took my virginity, what a birthday gift,” I thought as I drifted off to sleep.

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