LDL cholesterol

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LDL cholesterol

Sometimes elevated cholesterol is inherited. Other times, high cholesterol is due to the large and small, conscious and unconscious daily choices we make when it comes to diet, exercise and activity. The lifestyle we choose can affect cholesterol. The nice thing is that we can always choose again and set new courses.

We know all the changes and transitions we humans make. We know that it turns and turns, both physically and mentally, before the new one becomes known. This is how it is for everyone. It is important not to punish yourself or give up when the challenges come. Maybe it helps to think that others have changed course, stood in it and are doing better today?

Cholesterol has important tasks in our body. It is responsible for transporting fat in the blood and constitutes important building blocks in the cell walls, in the hormones and in vitamin D. Occasionally the amount of cholesterol in the blood is elevated, which is referred to as the bad cholesterol. High cholesterol is because you get a lot of saturated fat through your diet, that you move too little, that you are overweight or smoke. The risk of high cholesterol also increases with age.

In most people, it is little or no evidence that cholesterol is elevated. It is only through a blood test at the doctor that this is revealed. Thickening and narrowing of the artery walls, calcification and inflammatory conditions over the years can be lived with and not noticed. There is a scientific consensus that high cholesterol is an important risk factor for the development of heart disease. High cholesterol has become a public health problem. Over 10% of the population uses cholesterol-lowering drugs, a 2017 statistics show. Awareness and information about factors that can trigger high cholesterol is therefore an important task for public and private health care and health care companies, including Calanus Health. Calanus® Oil contributes to good heart health and can be a great supplement for those on the threshold of necessary lifestyle changes.

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Cholesterol will find a balanced and correct level when we supply vegetables, fruits and berries, coarse cereal products, legumes such as beans and lentils, olive and rapeseed oil fats, nuts and avocados, fish, lean dairy products, chicken and other lean protein sources. Let the refrigerator help you decide what is healthy fat and unhealthy fat: The unhealthy gets hard and the healthy stays soft and liquid. It may also be worthwhile to know that filter coffee and instant coffee are more cholesterol-friendly than cooked coffee and instant coffee. Regular, often daily exercise and activity, in the form of shorter and longer walks, a bike ride, some length meters in the swimming pool or a workout at the gym - it's up to you what you do, as long as you enjoy it. An activity that makes us happy is easier to turn into a good habit.

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A healthy and varied diet, daily exercise and exercise are good tips to live by for everyone. Maybe the course changes you make in your everyday life will inspire others to make changes in their lives? Maybe it will also make it easier and more fun to change your lifestyle if you get family or friends with it? Regardless of whether you are doing it for your project alone or with others - remember that a healthy and healthy life is not about everything you cannot eat or do, but about creating balance.

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