Joint and muscle problems

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Joint and muscle problems

Our bodies are screwed together for movement and movement is the joints and muscles that provide. They carry the body from A to B and do a whole range of large and small, inner and outer, simple and complicated - and at times extreme tasks. If anything prevents them from doing the job, they say. Fair and affordable.

Close cooperation
The most important muscle in the body is the heart and then the other muscles follow conscientiously. The muscles work closely with the joints, the body's own screws and nuts. A joint consists of bones, cartilage and joint fluid that is enclosed by the joint capsule, tendons and muscles. Muscles and joints are vulnerable to various types of stress and can easily become stiff and sore. All parts of a joint from the bone to the enclosing muscle can be affected. Due to the intricate structure of the joints and close cooperation with the muscles, it can be difficult to know where the joint and muscle problems actually originate.

Specific or diffuse ailments
Muscle and joint ailments can either be isolated to specific places on the body, or be more diffuse and felt throughout the body. A specific problem is often caused by injury or strain to the muscle or joint and in many cases you know the course of events prior to the plague itself. The more diffuse ailments throughout the body are usually due to a condition or inflammation. Prolonged diffuse muscle or joint pain with swelling, redness, heat or reduced body movement should be examined by a physician, as there may be early stages of arthritis or rheumatism. Other conditions can also affect muscles and joints.

Many people experience stiffness and aches in back, neck and shoulder muscles from time to time. Stress and stress in everyday life of both physical and mental nature can make the muscles and joints in our travel agency tense. Sedentary work and static movement patterns are a common cause of muscle and joint stiffness. Some changes and approaches in diet, activity and lifestyle can help with joint and muscle ailments.

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Movement and variety
When stiff joints and muscles are caused by unilateral activity, error loading or static posture, the solution lies a bit in the cards - variety. Create movement and variety in your workday and everyday life. For example, if you have a job where the posture is static, enter small breaks with movement, alternate between sitting and walking, going an extra round or detour to the coffee machine, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, stretching and taking a five-minute stroll along sidewalk outside the workplace. The body will love it and as an added bonus, the head works better after a short break and you work more efficiently.

Balance in the diet
In addition to variation in our movement patterns, we can also make some variations and adjustments in what we eat and drink. A varied diet with plenty of water, protein-rich foods, slow carbohydrates, healthy fats and omega-3-rich foods and supplements provides consistent blood sugar levels, energy and lubrication for just the muscles and joints. It can be helpful to be aware that in today's diet, especially in the western world, many of the foods have high levels of omega-6, such as vegetable oils, bread, pasta or ready-to-eat foods.

Man needs both omega-6 and omega-3. But if omega-6-rich foods dominate the diet, we get too high arachidonic acid content in our cells. Arachidonic acid is an inflammatory-causing omega-6 fatty acid. Too much of this in our cells creates low-grade inflammation in the body. We notice that we get tired, lose energy, can get diffuse discomfort and aches in muscles, joints and in addition stomach and intestines. We simply eat sick. If you make sure to vary your diet and balance the intake of omega-6 with adequate intake of omega-3 through diet or supplements, inflammatory conditions are counteracted.

Omega-3 shows muscle
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