Crude oil in the machinery

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Crude oil in the machinery

“Sooner than that, ours here in the city and the street, they sprout and grow in the country. And it makes us grateful before what we have, we believe in our neighbors, ”sings Halfdan Sivertsen. Spring tears and struggles in us to get us out of winter hibernation. It feels on the body. The oil from a small jumping can help give you lubrication that speeds up the machinery. Do you know about raudåta?

Raudåta - a pure raw material from the sea

Raudåta, Calanus finmarchicus , is a mare that lives in the cold and healthy areas of the North Atlantic. This marina is low in the food chain and is a huge food resource for fish and marine mammals. Research shows that man can also benefit very much from the raudata. Raudåta is a vegetarian and lives on algae.

The mumps has a life cycle of only about one year and therefore does not accumulate pollutants in the same way as other marine species . When the crude boat is picked up by the sea off the coast of Northern Norway, it is therefore a pure raw material. The crude oil is also very water repellent and only needs gentle heating to be recovered. In this way, the active substances and their beneficial properties are also preserved. The cauliflower oil in Calanus® Oil is therefore a pure and natural product.

Sea om Calanus® Oil

Just as the raw song follows the ocean currents, man follows the seasons. We sprout and grow new roots and branches in the spring and feel life flourish during the summer sun. We receive the autumn and fill the stocks, while getting ready for winter hibernation. This is how man and nature go together. Still, it can tear and tear a bit in the moorings of both body and mind when one season is about to leave and another is to start. Being the sprout that breaks out to live and grow can be quite painful. It can help to listen to what your body needs, give yourself some time to adjust, and remind yourself that everything has a function in this finely tuned, quirky and ingenious nature. Sometimes the body needs a little help.

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Rich in the marine omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA

Raudåta joins the series of examples that nature is brilliant and not least original. The little jumping creature houses a number of important and effective substances that prove to be very beneficial to man. The combination of active ingredients in Calanus® Oil is unique and does not actually exist in other marine oils and supplements. The marine omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA can be found in abundance in raw food. These fatty acids are important for good heart health, for good visual function and for the brain. Through the algae that eat raw, it absorbs the omega-3 fatty acid stearidonic acid from the plant kingdom. Stearidonic acid prevents and attenuates inflammatory conditions and enhances the uptake and action of EPA and DHA in the cells of our body. The raudata also contains ketolic acid, a precursor to a long-chain fatty acid, which turns out to help cells utilize EPA and DHA.

The algae that eat the raw tea contains another good thing - the antioxidant astaxanthin. It is this antioxidant that gives the redhead the deep red color. The astaxanthin protects the cells of the raudata against oxidation and acts as sun protection when the raudata pulls up to the sea surface in spring and summer. In other words, nature has equipped the raw rota with its own sunscreen. The farther north you come, the more of this powerful antioxidant contains the raw nut - and the redder it gets. Under the midnight sun, north of the Arctic Circle, the raudata is at its very reddest. Astaxanthin also stabilizes the oxidation of the crude oil itself and helps the oil to maintain good quality over a long period of time.

That is how we go together. The little raudata and man. "We are strong and can take any time when it comes, we have the sun and soon to be there in the summer." (Halfdan Sivertsen)

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