Ship Travel: All You Need to Know About Sea Cruise

Ship Travel: All You Need to Know About Sea Cruise
Ship Travel: All You Need to Know About Sea Cruise

A ship trip can be a unique and special experience. After all, the goal is to have a great time, discover new places and enjoy the huge blue view! The Brazilian coast presents favorable conditions for navigation almost every year. So, no matter what month or destination: If you are looking for tips on this trip, any time will be a good time to embark on this adventure. Learn all about how a sea cruise works and how to take precaution to sail in calm waters.

It would not be wrong to say that navigation is as old an activity as the holy Bible. Although there is no consensus, many researchers point out that the first reference to navigation is in the sacred book of Christianity, five thousand years ago. This type of transportation has already served the most varied purposes, and remains one of the main ways to export raw materials. 

But beyond history, these days the oceans also welcome tourists from a variety of origins in cabotage sea cruises (navigation between seaports without losing sight of the coast) and international cruises.

This is one of the fastest growing tourism segments in the world. According to preliminary data from the Brazilian Association of Maritime Cruises ( Clia Brazil ), the sector registered 100% occupancy in the 2018/2019 season. The seven ships along the Brazilian coast reached full capacity in the period ended in early April. It is estimated that this period of activities will have an impact of over R $ 2 billion on the country's economy and generation of 30,000 jobs. 

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Is a ship trip for you?
Nowadays cruise ships are usually equipped with all kinds of services, from bar, sports court, gym, disco, casino to laundry and outpatient clinic. There are all-inclusive luxury cruises or the more modest (river) options to enjoy the destination more than transportation. There are also cabin variations: from the simplest, just for rest, to the finer, structured with balconies and ocean views.

Anyway, what is not lacking is an option for all types of travelers: families, couples, friends and also for those who want to travel alone. If you are still researching to decide if a sea cruise is an interesting option for you, be aware that a service aligned with your travel goals is very likely to exist.

Boredom is not a feeling you will carry in your luggage. There are activities of all kinds and for all tastes. First of all, choose a cruise that meets your expectations, and that is equipped with the structure you would look for in a resort, for example. This way you do not risk feeling like running (or swimming) from the ship.

When it comes to aligning expectations, it is also important to know what is included in your trip and the extra costs you will have to bear inside the boat, so you won't have any unpleasant surprises at the end.

Also, a common fear of people wishing to cruise is the feeling of being trapped. For people with claustrophobia, it is recommended to avoid staterooms without a window or balcony. Know well how are the room dependencies before closing your trip.

Lastly, many people are also afraid of being nauseated over the course of the sea balance. However, currently ships are equipped with technology to ensure more balance and follow stable routes, offering greater comfort to those who often get seasick with a boat's swing, for example.

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Important documents to carry
The documents you must carry on a ship trip are similar to those on an air trip. In addition, companies point out that the passenger is solely responsible for complying with all travel requirements imposed by the government, by law or regulation, for all ports of call provided for in the itinerary.

For cruises with origin and destination in Brazil, you must present ID with a maximum of 10 years of issue, CNH or birth certificate for children up to 12 years. Some airlines do not allow travel by unaccompanied minors. Children traveling with a legal representative must have a specific judicial authorization. In the event that a parent is deceased, an original death certificate must be presented.

Passports when traveling by ship in non-Mercosur countries are required, as well as a visa according to the destination territory. Some countries also ask for the international vaccination certificate that should be up to date. So be aware of this information when hiring a cruise.

Pregnant women should consult a doctor before travel, understanding with the professional the indication for their specific state, regardless of the stage of pregnancy. A standard corporate rule is not to carry women over 24 weeks of gestation (on the date of disembarkation) for safety reasons. Companies may also require a medical certificate at any stage of pregnancy and even refuse boarding if they interpret that the pregnant woman will not be safe during the trip. 

Ship trip scheduled! Should I get insurance?
The travel insurance is not required in most cruise lines, but highly recommended for your safety and peace of mind on board. If your destination is for places where travel insurance is required, such as Europe, cruise travel is ideally included. So be aware of coverage specifications that are usually the same as those that apply to an air travel (including lost luggage). 

When you are sailing, if you need to trigger health care coverage, the main difference is in the form of payment. That's because you can't go to accredited insurance clinics when you're offshore, right? In case of health problems, you can consult the doctor available on the ship, but you must pay on board. Therefore, in this case, travel insurance works by reimbursement only. Now, if you have an emergency on land, the service can usually be done through the accredited network. 

The insurer Assistcard, which has a partnership with Royal Caribbean, provides care "cashless" to customers. With this partnership, passengers can be served on board and the insurer makes the arrangement directly with Royal Caribbean, without the passenger having to pay and claim reimbursement later. It is currently the only company to offer this service for ship travel.

How to get insurance for your ship trip?
You can make a quote through the Compara website . When choosing the best option, be sure to note the details. When there is coverage for sea cruises, we inform in the description of the coverage by means of a phrase: "Includes Sea Cruises". When hiring, it is also important to consider luggage cover, amateur sports (if you are going to practice any on board) and medical assistance.

Important information when hiring your travel insurance : Even if the destination or origin of the cruise is the Brazilian coast, because it is maritime waters, the insurance to be purchased must be international.

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