Santander Travel Insurance: How does it work and is it worth it?

Those planning a trip need to include travel insurance in their luggage, which offers more peace of mind and facilities in case of medical emergencies or mishaps such as lost luggage. Some Brazilian banks offer this type of assistance, such as Santander travel insurance, which we will talk about here.

The main purpose of Santander travel insurance is to provide the receipt of the insured capital contracted in case one of the events covered during the contracted period occurs. It is important to remember first of all that travel insurance is not health insurance. Therefore, our first tip is that you read the contract conditions carefully, observing your rights and obligations, as well as the insured capital contracted for each coverage.

Also remember that there are differences between Travel Insurance and Travel Assistance . For example, insurance allows you to choose the hospital where you want to be seen at your destination and to be reimbursed later. Assistance only allows you to be served on the accredited network listed on your policy. In the case of travel insurance offered by credit cards, it works much the same as assistance, and it is common for coverage to be used only by the cardholder.

In the case of Santander, the product offered is, in fact, a travel insurance in partnership with the insurer Zurich . But there are also some bank credit cards that offer occasional travel assistance services. One example is the Santander Unlimited Mastercard Black International card , where the annual fee is $ 100. The high cost of the annuity may not compensate for the use of travel assistance services, as coverage is generally more restricted. .

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How does Santander travel insurance work?
Santander offers six types of plans. Are they: 

  • National plan
  • South America Plan
  • Europe plan
  • World Plan
  • Student Plan (World / Europe)

To hire travel insurance Santander you must be a bank account holder and have access to the application. Here you can simulate travel insurance and decide which option is best for you. Key insurance coverage includes delay, loss and damage to luggage; flight delay or cancellation; cancellation, interruption or extension of travel; guidance for theft or loss of documents; accidental death; total or partial permanent disability by accident.

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What to do in case of a claim?
You can request an emergency (claim) call or call for assistance by calling 0800 777 5441 (Brazil) or 55 11 4334 8731 (outside).

In addition, it is important to report the claim immediately to the Insurer through the Customer Service Center. Then record the occurrence of the claim with the competent authorities. This tip is important because you will need formal documents to process your claim. 

In the case of baggage delay, for example, you will need to provide the insurer with a copy of the airline's proof of indemnity and an original airline form, proving the baggage delay.

Finally, have everything that can help you get around the situation without a headache. In Santander travel insurance, the maximum period for payment of compensation or reimbursement of expenses is up to 30 (thirty) days from the date on which the insurer received all the necessary documents to prove the occurrence.

Our bonus tip is: be sure to read all the general conditions when hiring travel insurance. By traveling protected you will have a quick solution to any problem - and the investment is much less than paying for yourself on unforeseen expenses. If you are going to exchange, it is worth checking if insurance is no longer included in the study package or if they offer a cheaper policy.

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