Tips And Tricks That You Can Do Much More Than You Think With A Lemon And A Few Nails

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You can do much more than you think with a lemon and a few nails!

Lemons are amazing. They can spruce up any salad, but they’re also great for cleaning and can even help against anxiety and depression. But we had no clue that you can even do this with it!

A lemon is the perfect tool when you’re out camping!

Who doesn’t love to go camping? It’s great fun to go out into nature with family or friends and just enjoy being together and being outside. Sleeping in a tent, waking up with the sunrise and cooking on small camping gas stove. We’re already feeling like throwing our tent in the car and leaving everything behind for a few days! Camping out in the wild is especially fun, since you’re completely dependent of your surroundings and there’s no one to be found for miles.

So, the sun goes down and it’s time for dinner. You’re looking for your camping cooker and then you realise you left it at home… No need to panic! You can do a whole lot with a lemon and a couple of nails. Watch the video below to find out how you can make fire with a lemon! No need for all that fancy equipment for camping!

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