यन्सेल अनी नमस्ते सिमकार्डमा दसैंको नयाँ अबसर ( Nepal Telecome New Offer Untill Dashain / Tihar 2019 / 2076 )

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GSM Mobile System Hacks GSM mobile unlock codes[Tips and Tricks]: .. USSD Systems used in Nepal Telecom GSM mobile

How to hack Nepal Telecom?

GSM Mobile System Hacks GSM mobile unlock codes[Tips and Tricks]:

  • GSM-          –            -Global System for Mobile.
  • USSD-         –            -Unstructured Supplementary Service Data.
  • CRBT-         –            -Calling Ringback Tune.
  • SMS-          –            -Short Message Service.
  • VMS-          –            -Voice Mail Service.
  • MMS-          –            -Multimedia Message Service.
  • WAP-          –            -Wireless Application Protocal.
  • GPRS-         –            -General Packet Radio Service.

Change Security on your mobile phone:
  • Change PIN1 code:                                            **04*old PIN1*new PIN1*new PIN1#
  • Change PIN2 code:                                            **04*old PIN2*new PIN2*new PIN2#
  • Change PUK1 code:                                            **05*old PUK1*new PUK1*new PUK2#
  • Change PUK2 code:                                            **05*old PUK2*new PUK2*new PUK2#

View Information via USSD in your mobile:

  • Call divert all voice calls facility:                                 *#21#[call]
  • Caller identity display to your phone:                        *#30#[call]
  • Your calling identity display to others phone:          *#31#[call]
  • Call barring facility:                                                         *#33# / *#35#[call]
  • Call divert if out of reach facility:                                   *#61#[call]
  • When you call to other phone display status:               *#76#[call]works only in some networks
  • When you call other function display:                        *#77#[call]works only in some networks USSD Systems used in Nepal Telecom GSM mobile:
  • Display Balance and validety date:                                    *400#[call]
  • Recharge balance on your phone:                                     *411*13 digit Recharge Number#[call]
  • Your balance transfer to other phone:                             *422*Security Code*mobile number*Amount in Paisa#[call]

Free SMS Service for NTC users:
  • In your message box type: hp               Send to: 2122     Destination: Nawa Kantipur.
  • In your message box type: computerguru     Send to: 7700     Destination: Telemert Nepal.
  • In your message box type: computerguru     Send to: 8800     Destination: Telemert Nepal.

Free call Service for NTC users:
  • System Dial: 011616        To: NTC Voice Mail Box.
  • System Dial: 1414          To: NTC Query Service.
  • System Dial: 1498          To: NTC Help Line.
  • System Dial: 198           To: NTC landline fraud maintenance Service.
  • System Dial: 1650          To: NTC Prepaid Easy Calling Card Service.
  • System Dail:   To: NTC Toll-Free Query.
  • System Dial:   To: NTC Toll-Free Edit Admin’s Toll-Free Number.

  • Dial: 197                  To: Search NTC landline owner’s identity.
  • Dial: 100                  To: Police Help.
  • Dial: 101                  To: Fire Brigade.
  • Dial: 102                  To: Ambulence Service.
  • Dial: 1111                 To: Public Comments to Nepal Governments’ Ministries Board.
  • Dial: 1098                 To: Inquery Child Helpline.
  • Dial:                          To: Toll-Free Annapurna Travals – Western Union Money Transfer.
  • Dial:                          To: Toll-Free Avenues Television.
  • Dial:                          To: Toll-Free Pc Premura Money Transfer.

How to hack nepal telecom crbt password?

We don’t call this exactly a hacking but this is a kind of small trick which will help you to use CRBT free of cost on other’s balance and will cost nothing for you.
So I will explain you how to do this.
While you make a new CRBT account on Nepal telecom, you are asked to enter password of at least 6 characters and most of the people enter 123456 or “asdfgh” for their quick registration and this is the fault they make which you can make as an advantage. Huge mass of people I know has same password, so you can guess for a random number and try the same password 123456 or “asdfgh”. You can also use the same mobile number as the password.
This is the most common mistake that most of the user make while they are in hurry to sign up for new account especially when they make account by dialing the phone. So this post is to make them conscious about that if they do so, their account can be accessed by unauthorized person, so I suggest not to hurry while you make account and if you have done that better change to a secure password. Try, these things and you may be able to take benefit.
     Visit regularly for the more tricky tips than this to hack NTC. Hacking materials will be published in this post.

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