Camping with dog (Dogs are welcome at Humlum Camping)

We love dogs!
We have lots of guests bringing a dog at Humlum Camping.

That is why we have also arranged for dogs and their owners to have a great camping holiday with us.

For example, we have a specially designed dog bath where there is room for a proper bath and once care for the coat.

We also have an area we call the dog island, this can be accessed via a small bridge so that the dogs over there can run without a leash provided they are under full control.

We have our own dog island!
The Dog Island is the Natura 2000 area and there is a rich wildlife that is used to dog traffic.

At the beach on the dog island the dogs can also swim, and all the sticks can be thrown into the water to find, this game loves dogs at Humlum Camping.

If it is to be really dog-friendly, then there are a few low water holes on the dog island, with snakes and mud that the dogs love to roll around in, afterwards most people need a walk in the fjord or a dog bath.

It is good for the dogs and their fur, and if you want to be extra with your dog in a little quality time, then this is an obvious dog game.

e do dog activities
In our shop we have a small selection of dog care, dog toys and dog food.

Every year we hold dog-related activities, so follow us on our facebook page to keep up to date.

At the campsite itself, the dog must be leashed.

We look forward to seeing you and your dog at Humlum Camping.

Are you ready to book your camping holiday?

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