Make Money from ySense in 2019 & 2020

Make Money from ySense is trending now. ySense formerly known as ClixSense GPT site.

Have you ever made over thousands of dollar by doing micro tasks in a single GPT site? Yes, ySense is the popular GPT site where you can make money for living from your home comfort.

On August 01, 2019, the number one GPT site ClixSense changed its name to

Make Money from ySense
Many people are making money from ySense from home without investment. We will learn here how to earn extra cash online from ySense.

I joined with ySense (ClixSense) on January 10, 2011. I'm earning regular income from this genuine gpt Get Paid To site ySense.

To be honest your ySense earnings will gradually increase. Once you have done many micro tasks with ySense and familiar with this GPT site then your ySense earnings will increase automatically.

I would strongly suggest you to join through free registration with ySense and start earn money easily from ySense. You will get all required support from the ySense team if your stuck anywhere.

ySense is one of the legitimate get-paid-to website to make money for completing online survey jobs, cash offers, simple tasks and more.

YSense started as a PTC site but later on they changed their operations as a complete GPT site.

ClixSense (ySense) has paid more than $39.9 Million to their users or members.

So, I'm sure that ySense is one of the trusted places to make money from online.

You will not spend single penny for registration and all tasks given in ySense websites are complete free to do and earn.

ySense support its user for free registration for almost all countries in the world. You can easily earn money from ClixSense or ySense from the day one. is the best online jobs for part time job seeker, full-time job seeker, housewives, stay at home moms, retired and anyone who wants to make real money online.

How Much I can make from ySense?
ySense earnings are based on the time spent on it. If you're working for 5-6 hours per day then you can make up to $15 - $20/day.

Make Money from ySense in 2019 & 2020
The good part of ySense is there are multiple ways to make money from this legitimate ptc site.

You can easily make money from this gpt site through simple tasks shown below.

  • Paid Surveys

  • Cash Offers

  • Figure Eight Tasks

  • Referrals

All above are the best methods to earn money from GPT site.

1. Online Survey Jobs or Paid Surveys at
Paid surveys are one of the best ways to make money with ySense. There is no limitation of surveys, you can participate many paid survey programs in a day.

Online Surveys Jobs or Paid surveys nothing but you will get paid for sharing your honest opinion about any product or service.

You will get paid for answering the survey questionnaire sent by the survey panels through ySense.

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2. Cash Offers
Make money with Cash Offers are another best way to earn from ySense Get-Paid-To jobs site.

The method to make money from Cash offers , you need to install mobile apps to earn money from ySense cash offers.


  • Mobile Apps Installation

  • Sites Registration

  • Watching videos

  • Earn money playing games online

Once you complete a cash offer task, you will earn some ClixCents to your account.

1 ClixCent = $0.01, so 100 ClixCents Equal to $1.

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3. Figure Eight Tasks (Modes)
You need to go through 3 different modes in ySense Figure Eight Tasks.

1. Quiz Mode

2. Work Mode

3. Expel Mode

In Quiz Mode of Figure Eight Tasks, you need to answer at least 79% of the questions correct. You will be given 9- 10 quiz questions.

Once you have cleared the Quiz Mode then you will be entered in to the Work Mode.

There are many tasks are there to earn money by completing those tasks. Make sure that you are maintaining over 70% accuracy.

If your work mode accuracy is less than 70% then you will be expelled to other tasks to make money.

Different Levels of Figure Eight Tasks

  • Level 0 - Beginner's level and you will get minimum tasks only.
  • 1.Level 1 - If you have completed at least 5 different tasks and having 70% accuracy (100 questions)
  • 2.Level 2 - Need to finish more tasks and maintain 80% accuracy
  • 3.Level 3 - Need to complete more simple tasks and maintain at least 85%+ accuracy.

4. Make Money from ySense Affiliate or Referral Program
When a person signed up through your referral then you will get paid. Also you will earn commission whenever your referrer is earning.

If a person referred by you makes $50 from then you will get 20% commission, i.e., $10.

If a person join with ySense under you affiliate link, you will get $2 when he / she make $5.

Advantage of ySense Referral Program
Unlimited Earning from ySense Referral Program

You can refer unlimited members

Earn up to 30$ Commission


  • Personal Computer or Laptop with Internet Connection
  • Big Smartphone also works with ySense screen
  • Registered Email Account
  • Bank Account
  • PayPal or Skrill or Payoneer Account

Conclusion: is one of the best website to make money online without investment and experience.

I would strongly recommend you to free sign up with ySense to make money from today.

Again reminding you that ySense have already paid over $40 Million dollars to its members. So there is no doubt that ySense is Legit or Scam. Do not think that ySense is scam, because you are not going to pay any registration fee here. All you need is, just go with the free registration with ySense and start make money right away.

Honest Review of ySense is located in the US. The genuine gpt job site is an online rewards site. It's been operated by Prodege, LLC family. ySense is the big bridge between the consumers and the product manufacturing companies.
P.O. Box 70
Manhattan Beach, CA 90267

Prodege, LLC
100 N. Pacific Coast Highway,
8th Floor
El Segundo, CA 90245

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