Former Dem leader, Donna Brazile: Trump 'should not be blamed for these individual killers'

President Trump “had nothing to do” with the recent massacres in El Paso and Dayton, said a former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman, Donna Brazile. This is what she said when asked if Trump is a "white-supremacist." Donna, a Democrat, said that she is "deeply saddened as an American" about the discussion on "race and racism" and "white supremacy and white nationalism." She also added, that she prefers when people call themselves by their names, not the race, and her name "is Donna."
Brazile was born in New Orleans in 1959. For decades, she has been with the Democratic party. In the 1980s, she worked for several Democratic presidential campaigns. She was also the first Black American woman, to direct a presidential campaign (of Al Gore) in 2000.

This is what Donna said, specifically, during her Fox News Radio interview:

This conversation about race and racism, domestic terrorism, white supremacy, white nationalism, it is that I am profoundly saddened as an American. The reason why is to point fingers and the plate is so-called blame game.

President Trump had nothing to do with the maniac, and I'm being gracious here, the maniac who shot up a Wal-Mart store. He had nothing to do with the person who shot up you know the bar in Dayton. This is unbecoming of a country. The president of United States you know should not be blamed for you know these individual killers. But what we have to hold each other responsible for is our tone.

We all have to set a tone. These are children who are committing these murders, children. 19 21 22 children. We need to set a tone for our kids for our future for the values that we share as Americans. And you know we like these gotcha questions. Hey are you a racist or you.. I don't like that. I'm black, yes I'm black. That's who I am but that's not everything.

You don't know anything else about me other than the color of my skin. That's not how we should do it.

I'm speaking as Donna. I'm not speaking as a Democrat. I'm speaking to Donna.

I want people to get to know me.

Hey you know how not everybody's going to like me but I guarantee you it is if you eat my gumbo you would.

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