राती सुत्नेबेलामा मोबाईल चार्ज गर्दै हेडफोन सुन्दाको परीनाम - SK Media

राती सुत्नेबेलामा मोबाईल चार्ज गर्दै हेडफोन सुन्दाको परीनाम

Headset accessory is a technology indispensable for many people. However, things seemed harmless to many potential dangers,it can even cause death if used improperly. Recently, the tragic story of a girl in the Nepal caused a stir online community by the sudden death just because a habit seemed harmless. Specifically, the Philippine media said the girl was using a headset connected to a mobile phone charging in bed. She accidentally fell asleep and still wearing the headset on either ear.Phone charger This girl started heating up, burning and exploding. The phone immediately being electrical transmission via headphones and girl died on the spot. After the discovery, the body of the victim burnt black with flowing wire headset plastic. The entire face was swollen, disfigured looks extremely frightening. Show all already are deformed by fire so the authorities have yet to identify the victim used the phone to take calls or listen to music. The use of headphones to wear to bed becomes incalculable danger if the incident on mobile phones, or even a music player. Even the use of phone accessories to plug directly into the mobile user charging no sleep though still able to bring potential hazards. Therefore, limiting phone use habits while plugged in or wearing headphones listening to music all night will help you escape a horrible death.

Notice :- I like system of a down which is my favorite band Well if you sleep with headphones on then you'll have ear problems, and that can cause you have hearing problems, but you know it depends if you have your music on to high. It is also really really dangerous that you have a earphones on while you charge your phone. Just look up "Girl Killed in Her Sleep By Earphones Connected To A Charging Phone"

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